Our Story

Chef Meryl van der Merwe was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, where she started cooking family meals at the tender age of ten—because it was fun! Later, she experienced cooking on a professional level during a “estage” at Cape Town’s legendary Victoria and Alfred, and the die was cast. Chef Meryl left South Africa at age 18, basing along the Cote d’Azur in the South of France for over a decade, and went to work traveling the world aboard super yachts, eventually assuming chef duties. Along the way, Meryl also received formal classical French culinary training at the Pacific Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Cooking on-board these super yachts afforded Chef Meryl the opportunity to work with incredibly talented chefs from the world over, while learning the cuisines of the world in-country. One such country is that of Palau, where Chef Meryl was based between trips for a Venezuelan family on a scuba diving-dedicated super yacht. It was in Palau that Chef Meryl met her future husband, Greg, who convinced her to give Park City, Utah, a try. Soon after arriving in Park City, Chef Meryl established Du Monde Gourmet Catering, which quickly evolved into a Private Chef and Service business, providing in-home services to a highly discerning clientele, as well as producing VIP corporate events both in the US and abroad. This highly successful business model has allowed Chef Meryl to bring the cuisines of the world to private residences around the Park City area. In addition, Chef Meryl opened a full-fledged commercial kitchen in December 2013, which has afforded her the opportunity to incorporate new efficiencies into the Du Monde business model, as well as to develop new product and business model ideas.
One new product is the Jaffle, which has lead to the entirely new business model of Jafflz™. Now having more than twenty years of culinary experience under her belt, including working for royalty and other heads of state, captains of industry, and “A-list” celebrities, Meryl is incredibly excited about and energized by this new venture!