Philanthropic Outreach

image001Over a year ago, I set out on a journey seeking out a non-profit organization that I could get involved with and make a difference on a local level as well as a global level. Starting small here in Utah before “changing the world” had become my goal. After dancing with several organizations, I just knew in my heart that I wanted to be involved with a new project called SPICE INCUBATOR KITCHEN, a program dedicated to assisting women develop food-based business ventures focused on the various cuisines of the respective participants.
This program is operated by the IRC-International Refugee Committee, which is located in 40 countries around the world. The USA provides home for millions of global refugees each year, with (surprisingly) Utah being the second largest relocation destination in the entire country. Although I was raised in a mainly 3rd world country in South Africa, I really knew very little about the scale of the issues that refugees face today globally. The journey from the moment they are forced to flee their countries to the time when they are relocated in a safe haven at once fascinated me and broke my heart. What were these people eating? How were they staying healthy? Some of the stories leave you wondering how they are still alive, for real!
After meeting with the first group of girls and listening to their stories I knew that I wanted to be involved. I felt that my global story was one that the students could relate to, and I felt I contribute to this cause by passing on all I had learned as an owner/chef and in the food industry. It was clear for the first time that my journey holds an incredible story, and that I had learned a great deal during my 8 years in America. It was only natural for me to want to pass this knowledge on.
The Spice Incubator Kitchen provides a platform for students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for food to join the food industry here in the USA. My passion lies with the cooking portion of the program and training the students to elevate their national recipes to a professional level.
I am extremely excited to start working on 6 VERY SPECIAL recipes from some of the students that we will be putting into various Jaffles. Proceeds from the Spice Jafflz™ will flow back into the Spice Incubator Kitchen Non-Profit coffers.
Stay tuned for release of the assorted Spice Jafflz™ Pack- COMING SOON!