Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine is a fascinating, complex and time consuming endeavor–but it is certainly well worth the effort! Indian food relies on a multitude of spices for its large variety of dishes, which are often eaten family style. These dishes will vary depending on the region and available produce. The Brahmins are strict vegetarians, but the coastal states of West Bengal and Kerala consume a great deal of fish. In the North, the food is heavier and richer, with more meat-eating habits influenced by the Mughal. Punjabi is best known for its Tandoori style cooking, while the Kashmiris build most meals around Rice, in dishes such as Saag, Hag, Ganchi and Fish cooked in the Munghlai style.
Most Andhra food tends to be quite hot and spicy, and it includes the famous Biryanis. Down South in Goa, a strong, historical Portuguese influence has produced such legendary dishes as Vindaloo, Duck Baffad, Sorpotel and Egg Molie, while Bombay’s cuisine is a combination of North and South, using a lot of Rice and Wheat. I have listed below a small sampling of dishes from a number of regions of India that I can prepare for you–according to your personal “heat index” preferences!

Some Examples:

Samosas (traditionally triangular in shape—fried sort of Savory Dumplings)
Andhra Chepa Pulusu (Fish Soup)
Papadums with Relish
Naan Bread (Unleavened Flat Bread)
Murgh Makahni (Butter Chicken)
Tandoori Chicken (BBQ Chicken—Indian Style)
Gosht (Lamb) Vindaloo (enough said)
Vegatable Biryani (Spicy Vegetable Rice Dish)
Palak Paneer (Curried Spinach)
Mango Lassi (Tropical Yoghurt-based Drink)
Kulphi (Cardamon Spiced Ice Cream)