Japanese Cuisine

In Japan, fresh fish and other seafood reigns supreme, while noodles are almost as popular as rice. When it comes to the fish and other seafood, freshness is judged in terms of hours and minutes, not “fresh daily”. Most everyone is familiar with various Japanese seafood dishes, such as Sashimi and Sushi. I have been pleasantly surprised and duly impressed by the availability of fresh, Sashimi grade fish and other seafood in Park City—so don’t hesitate to go for a Japanese seafood night!
And as for the Noodles, every village seems to have a noodle bar of some sort, ranging from simple street-vendor carts to more refined, indoor establishments. All are very popular amongst the Japanese as places to meet and have a snack. Noodle varieties include Soba (buckwheat, thin, medium-brown), Somen (fine wheat), Udon (thick wheat) and Ramen (wheat, with soy broth base).
Other Japanese dishes are found in establishments known as Izakaya, where Sake is served along with small snacks such as Spring Rolls and Gyoza. Izakaya range from tiny holes-in-the-wall to sophisticated and well appointed establishments which brew their own Sake. While Izakaya were previously men-only eating establishments, professional women are increasingly welcomed these days.
Still other Japanese dining options include the Yoshoku (a sort of Japanese café serving western dishes adapted to Japanese tastes), the produce markets and, my clear favourites, the fish markets.
Finally, home-style cooking is kept very simple, with rice and a “one pot meal”, which may include fish or meat and a vegetable topping. Many Japanese dishes are cooked in advance, while others are prepared tableside, such as Yakitori—my favourite!

Some Examples:

Fish Market

Rolled Sushi
Fresh Sushi
Mixed Seafood Hot Pot
Mixed Seafood and Vegetable Bento Box

Noodle Bar

Cold Soba Noodle with Dipping Sauce
Nabayaki Udon


Pork Dumplings
Salmon & Tofu Balls
Crumbed Skewers

Home-style Cooking

Pork & Vegetable Soup
Five Flavored Fried Rice
Glazed Beef & Vegetable Rolls
Teriyaki Chicken
Okinawa Slow-Cooked Pork