Maldivian Cuisine

The Maldives, Paradise… Of the numerous tropical islands I have visited throughout the world, The Maldives of the Indian Ocean are some of my favourites. The bleached-white beaches, the crystal clear turquoise waters, the pristine coral reefs—and of course the amazing food—are all out of this world! With the Maldives’ close proximity to India, there is a large Indian influence on the cuisine of The Maldives in terms of flavours and the use of spices. However, it is generally a lighter cuisine, and is based on the abundance of to-the-minute fresh fish, coconut and local tropical fruits.

Here are a few of my favourites— A great well rounded menu:

Shrimp & Calamari in Tumeric Coconut Broth

Scallop & Squid Salad
Potato Samosa with Tamarind Sauce

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Vindaloo & Morukku
Spiced Tuna Steaks with Citrus Salsa

Pan Fried Fish Filets with Mango, Noodle Salad & Spicy Dressing
Maldivian Fish & Pineapple Curry

Banana, Chocolate & Mint Samosas