Filipino Cuisine

The Philippines boasts some of the best beaches and coral reefs in the world, as well as Manila—one of the largest and craziest cities in Southeast Asia! The lifestyles and cuisines of “The PI” vary according to these incredibly different environments. Many Filipinos live in simple conditions, and these conditions have lead to fairly rustic cuisine with unusual yet delicious flavours. Rice is the staple eaten with every meal. Fresh fish is plentiful and cheap, while meat remains a luxury. Chicken is popular, often eaten barbequed or off the bone, while Pork can been seen prepared in every way on every menu. Stews and soups are very popular, while a meal is not complete with out some form of Fish, often fried whole. My favourite Filipino dishes are the Adobos—stews cooked for a long time, often including Pork, Fish or Chicken, as well as Onion, Soy Sauce and Ginger.

Below are some samples of a cuisine underrated and not often explored:

Fried Spring Rolls

Kinilaw (Fillipino Style Sushi)
Phillipine Escabeche (Sweet & Sour Fish)
Lapu-Lapu with Tausi (Grouper with Black Bean Sauce)
Lapu-Lapu Relleno (Stuffed Sea Bass)

Oxtail Kara Kara (Soup)
Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in a Sour Broth)

Family Style Pansit (Fine Vermilcilli Noodles with finely chopped Vegetables,
usually with small pieces of Chicken, Pork & Shrimp)

Laing (Pork with Taro Root Leaves)
Adobo, Chicken or Pork
Steamed Rice

Chicken & Noodle Soup
Fried Whole Fish

Avocado Milkshake
Turon (Fried Bananas)
Leche Flan (Custard)
Champorado (Chocolate Rice Pudding)